vManage 1.1

vManage 1.1: vManage allows you to organize and manage your overall testing process. requirements, test plans, test cases, bugs, reports, resources and schedules * Provides traceability between tests and business requirements * Facilitate informed decision making by enabling both the management and development personnel to monitor testing processes and assess application readiness * Enhance visibility of the status of bugs, requirements and tests at every stage of the testing process * Seamlessly integrate with vTest to manage vTest

Leap SE 4.0: Leap SE is a CASE tool for turning system requirements into object & data models
Leap SE 4.0

Leap SE is a CASE tool that translates system requirements into object models for software development, greatly accelerating the systems analysis process. Business rules are automatically converted into C++ and Java object models, as well as into data models. For requirements, Leap SE is a requirements repository fully integrated with MS Access. Data model output, in the form of SQL, can be run in an RDBMS to produce entity-relationship diagrams.

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Requirements Analysis Templates 1.00: Professional & service-proven package for creating system requirement documents!
Requirements Analysis Templates 1.00

requirements package for creating all your project and system requirement documents. Whether you are analyzing a project or analyzing a system, this requirements package answers both these needs accurately. Requirement Analysis involves defining the nature of the system that is required and building a nearly complete System Component Tree (SCT) to guide subsequent discussions of the system`s content and of the project`s course, including the weighing

risk management, risk analysis, project management, risk assessment, risk assessment analysis

School Attendance Keeper School Attendance Keeper easily handles attendance requirements Multiuser
School Attendance Keeper

requirements of public and private schools of all sizes, and produces attendance reports which meet the legal requirements of the No Child Left Behind act of 2001, and virtually all state education requirements. Now with Student Info, Lunch and Dismissal options. This flexible and easy-to-use program accepts input from multiple users. Teachers can enter daily attendance right from their classroom saving valuable teaching time for their students.

multi user, software, attendance, school, classroom

Frenchdiet 1.0.1: Frenchdiet is a nutrition program for tracking the nutritional intake.
Frenchdiet 1.0.1

Frenchdiet is a nutrition program for tracking the nutritional intake and estimating the ideal weight and the caloric requirements. Food entry is very easy with several food search tools, and custom foods, meals and recipes. Detailed analyses are proposed : full reports for 19 nutrients, food pyramid, food podium, weight curve. Frenchdiet has some unique features : mediterranean diet analysis, real caloric needs estimation, diet simulator.

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Corner Bowl Log Manager Network-Wide Log Management, Monitoring, Consolidation and Reporting
Corner Bowl Log Manager

Corner Bowl Log Manager is a network-wide Event Log, syslog and application log management tool that enables Systems Administrators to automate log monitoring, consolidation and archiving requirements set forth by management and regulatory agencies. Monitor logs in real-time or schedule reports. Includes Security Event Log reports to aid in auditing requirements. Consolidate logs to SQL Server or MySQL. Supports regular expression filters.

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Contractor Billing Solutions 4.0.1

Contractor Billing Solutions™ Patent Pending System is proven to produce Accurate and Cosistent Time and Material, Cost Plus, Unit and Fixed Rate Billing. Our features are unique to any other program on the market, so unique that they are now patent pending. Flexibility is the key to producing your billing`s that meet your requirements to maximize your Margins and Profits but to also meet the requirements and expectations of the client

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